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Then you are in the right place with us. We are a Thuringia-based, medium-sized company operating in the plastics processing industry. J. H. Andress GmbH & Co. KG was privatised in 1992 and has been successfully managed under our leadership since then.

We process commercial thermoplastics and duroplastics in press moulding and injection moulding processes.

Our machinery

It comprises eleven hydraulic presses from 60 to 200 tonnes as well as four injection moulding machines for duroplastics with capacities of 50 tonnes, 80 tonnes, 130 tonnes, 150 tonnes. Moreover, we provide the opportunity together with our partners to offer plastic parts manufactured in thermoplastic injection moulding up to clamping forces of 1,300 tonnes. Please refer to the attached list for our thermoplastic injection molding machines.

List of machines


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