About us

We are a Thuringia-based, medium-sized company operating in the plastics processing industry. J. H. Andress GmbH & Co. KG was privatised in 1992 and has been successfully managed under our leadership since then. Olaf Enke is running the office of the Managing Director.

Furthermore, one employee is each responsible for the fields of administration and quality assurance. We employ a total of 10 employees in production. We process commercial thermoplastics and duroplastics in press moulding and injection moulding processes.


We are selling our own products for extensive industrial purposes, such as sealing plugs, balls, washers, slides and other protective elements used for sealing holes, protecting internal and external threads, covering tube ends, etc. Moreover, our product range comprises numerous different handle elements.

Our products

Transparent processes

Our internal processes are transparent. Our management system is documented and certified according to DIN EN ISO 9100:2015.

Different tooling companies manufacture parts in partnership according to drawings or samples and deal with issues such as care and maintenance as well as repair of own and customer-specific tools.

In addition, we offer preassembly and completion of parts and assemblies.

Furthermore, we can offer the following processes for the manufacturing of different plastic parts:

Manufacturing of GMT and LFRT parts, blow-moulding parts, gas, water and projectile internal pressure parts as well as plastic parts with foamed seals.